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With SpiroChem, let there be light!
Nov 14 2019

New Products & Concept

With SpiroChem, let there be light!

Enabling technologies such as photoredox catalysis and flow chemistry have received increased attention over the last few years, as they allow for more efficient and safer access to large quantities of high-value building blocks. At SpiroChem, photochemistry has been a staple of our work for many years, ranging from more classical UV-mediated transformations to the newest blue-light-promoted metallaphotoredox dual catalysis conditions.

At SpiroChem, we have the expertise and the equipment to explore a wide range of photochemical conditions, from primary literature or internal known-how, in batch and continuous flow, and find the ones tailored to your needs. The possibilities offered by our facilities range from decagram production to medium-throughput screening and parallel library generation. SpiroChem also offers fragment libraries and DNA-encoded libraries composed of readily available unique fragments with one of the highest sp3 content in all industry, covering otherwise untapped chemical and IP space.

Don't be limited by synthetic accessibility:
with SpiroChem, make the molecules you should rather than only those you could!

Written by Thomas Fessard, Quentin Lefebvre and Clément JANIN

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All these rather exotic structures surely involve challenging synthetic chemistry, but SpiroChem has developed extensive experience and know-how in enabling technologies such as photochemistry to expedite their synthesis. These scaffolds and building blocks are not only ideal for use in drug discovery and development but are also available on scale for use in process chemistry. This should thus not be a limitation and we will be happy to guide you to effective collaborations to facilitate your project and bring it to success!


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