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Swiss Fine Chemicals Company
Our mission & vision

What SpiroChem stands for:

Don’t be limited by synthetic accessibility. Turn your imagination into reality and make the molecule you should, not the one you could. Our chemical expertise gives you access to a virtually infinite chemical space, helping you grasp the full potential of your ideas.

swiss fine chemicals company

Our mission

To accelerate your projects and help you reach your goals.

swiss fine chemicals company

Our vision

By developing cutting-edge solutions in chemistry, we provide the tools to advance medicinal chemistry programs.

Teamwork is our strength.

One for all. All for your project.

Together we combine over 150 years of experience in chemistry working in academic and industrial settings and successfully delivering on complex projects. Our strength is a synergy of talents coming from all fields of chemistry. Our team is composed of leading scientists, experts in natural products synthesis, methodology, catalysis, chemical biology and medicinal chemistry.

Teamwork is our strength.

Our achievements speak for themselves.

Our work has been recognized by a number of industry prizes. SpiroChem AG and the SpiroTeam were the laureates of several competitions and recipiends of awards including the IMD-Start-up award, Venture Leaders China and the EFMC Prize for young Medicinal Chemist in Industry.
SpiroChem was also the recipient of two Swiss industry grants (CTI) supporting innovation. We have ongoing collaborations with key academic groups and technology companies worldwide in order to always develop products and services.

CEO @ SpiroChem

Thomas Fessard, PhD

They did not know it was impossible so they did it.
- Mark Twain

Our value

Innovative and rapid solutions.

In 2011, we started SpiroChem as a catalog company providing innovative building blocks for drug discovery, but we quickly realized that the industry was looking for more than just “a gram of powder in a vial”. How about analoging, scale-up, access to new chemical space and patent protection? More importantly, wouldn’t it be more efficient to understand why, when and how our products should be used. This is what we offer at SpiroChem. Behind each product is a story, a concept, a solution. We are using our team of extraordinary chemists and scientists to solve problems at every stage of the discovery pipeline. This is what we do every day: finding innovative and rapid solutions to make YOUR projects, and therefore OUR projects, a success.

You already have service providers? Let us be your SOLUTION PROVIDER!


Dr. Olga Dubey, founder of AgriTech start-up AgroSustain.

In SpiroChem we found a partner with unparalleled industry knowledge, willing to support start-ups like AgroSustain with cost-effective solutions. With a broad expertise and efficiency, the SpiroTeam took the time to understand the complexities of our business and never failed to answer our requests. Consistently, they delivered against our requirements – namely by synthesizing or upscaling tailor-made products. I recommend SpiroChem for their formidable support and services without hesitation.


Dr. Yves P. Auberson, executive director, Global Discovery Chemistry, Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research and president of EFMC.

SpiroChem’s expertise in synthetic chemistry, combined with their sense of urgency, makes them the ideal partner for exploring new chemical space. Our critical collaboration on bicycloalkyl bioisosteres was published on ChemMedChem 2017 12 590. I have to highlight the ease of communication and the proactive role of SpiroChem, which we regularly experienced in our interactions. They are brilliant partners to work with, both for standard synthesis or more demanding customized building blocks and I would recommend their services to any company seeking pragmatic, cutting-edge solutions.


Dr. Rajwinder Lehal, chief scientific officer, Cellestia Biotech AG.

SpiroChem has played an instrumental part in Cellestia’s drug discovery and development program, proving to be a reliable partner in delivering quality results in a timely manner. Within the framework of this collaboration, the team has spared no effort in meticulously executing the plan and actively participating in project meetings to contribute to the success of our medicinal chemistry efforts. SpiroChem’s innovative and effective work helped us save CHF 0,5 million on the drug development program. I thoroughly enjoyed interacting with SpiroChem’s team and CEO Dr. Thomas Fessard who always made himself personally available to discuss the progress of our projects. Without any reservations, I would highly recommend SpiroChem to anyone looking for customized, innovative chemistry from a highly invested, strikingly professional team.


Dr. Fredrik Cederbaum, head of chemistry at Syngenta Crop Protection AG.

SpiroChem is a truly outstanding partner for the synthesis of customized building blocks, combining high technical expertise, creativity and a strong commitment with a very collaborative approach and a focus on delivery. Excellent communication, innovative ideas at the start of the project and proactive problem-solving by the SpiroChem team contribute to the success of projects. I have no hesitation in recommending SpiroChem.


Dr. Peter C. Sennhenn, CEO of transMedChem Consulting.

It is with great joy that I am recommending Spirochem based on the excellent job they did for us; Their high flexibility and reactivity to our fast changing requests was outstanding. Furthermore, Spirochem’s excellent synthetic expertise enabled access to a key API, which we tested and proved to be the basis for the IP of a complete class of substances. Last but not least, I want to emphasize the outstanding communication and the fast delivery of the very detailed and precise final report with all the analytical documentation included.


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