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Fragment Based Drug Design (FBDD)

The last two decades have witnessed a change of paradigm by Life Sciences companies, who have redirected their screening efforts for hit finding from High Throughput Screening (HTS) to more modern and cost-effective techniques such as Fragment Screening and DNA-Encoded Libraries technology (DELt).

It is now widely recognized that screening a fragment library that effectively samples the chemical space (typically a few thousand compounds) is an efficient tool to generate high-quality leads quickly.

About Fragment Collections

Physicochemical properties of fragment libraries mainly follow the widely accepted “rule-of-three”, however sp2-rich compounds with planar, aromatic ring systems often predominate.

Currently, 3D fragments are increasingly being considered as complementary to their 2D counterparts and as crucial components to improve pharmacophore coverage and solubility, leading to better starting points for lead generation. It has also been suggested that a highly shape diverse library could display a broader range of biological activities and be useful in generating hits for challenging targets.


Shape diversity

At SpiroChem, we use our in-house knowledge and expertise to continuously prepare novel sp3-rich fragments with high 3D diversity shape.

The PMI plot of the 700+ in-stock fragments clearly demonstrates that SpiroChem sp3-rich fragments target conformations with a wide-ranging spread throughout the plot.


Hit Expansion

For the hit validation phase, we guarantee follow-up and quick access to close analogs.

For the hit expansion phase, we have the ability to introduce diverse exit vectors and functionalities to generate rapidly relevant SAR data.
From one SpiroChem fragment, you can get access to expanded analogs with a wide range of 3D shapes.


Let’s work together

  • Get access to our fragment collection
  • Get support from SpiroChem chemists for efficient hit expansion
  • Get support to design a customized library covering novel structural space

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