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SpiroChem joins BaseLaunch as Domain Partner
Oct 28 2020

Press Release

SpiroChem joins BaseLaunch as Domain Partner

SpiroChem partners with BaseLaunch, the Basel Area-based incubator and accelerator that helps scientists and entrepreneurs launch exceptional biotech companies.

With our cutting-edge know-how in drug design and can-do attitude when facing complex challenges in drug discovery, SpiroChem brings an added value to BaseLaunch’s portfolio companies and other life sciences ventures in the local ecosystem. Beyond a very innovative portfolio of products, SpiroChem supports ventures with lead optimization programs to improve ADME properties of drug candidates or to enter into new chemical space and secure/strengthen their IP positions.

Thomas Fessard, CEO of SpiroChem:

It is great to see how vibrant the biotech scene in Switzerland has become in just a few years and BaseLaunch are doing a great job at supporting entrepreneurs and attract talents/projects to Basel. We are thrilled that SpiroChem is part of the equation and we will support BaseLaunch in their mission to build one of the world-leading biotech hubs.

Stephan Emmerth, Director of Business Development & Operations of BaseLaunch:

We are very excited to partner with SpiroChem such that our portfolio companies can gain access to highest quality medical chemistry expertise and support! And at the same time, working with people that truly understand first-hand what it means to start a new company.

Read More: www.baselaunch.ch


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