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Expertise of the month: Strong support to early development
May 30 2023

Expertise of the month

Expertise of the month: Strong support to early development

Thanks to an outstanding expertise in Route Scouting, SpiroChem strongly supports pharma, biotechs and CDMOs for early development.

    De novo synthetic design
  • Route validation
  • Optimization
  • Also for high potent APIs
  • IPC development
  • Characterization of impurities
  • Reference standard synthesis
    Scale-up support
  • NON-GMP demo batch
  • Comprehensive tech transfer
  • Follow-up troubleshooting
Thanks to our expert chemistry team, we cover projects including:
  • Small molecules
  • Chiral molecules
  • Polyheteroaromatic derivatives
  • Macrocycles
  • Natural products (steroids, alkaloids, …)
  • Carbohydrates
  • Nucleosides
  • Lipids/Phospholipids/Glycolipids
  • Fatty acids
  • Dendrimers
  • High potent molecules
  • Linker-payload for bioconjugates
  • And more…

Let’s brainstorm on your project!

For more information, please contact Laurence Jung at laurence.jung@spirochem.com


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