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Chemical Solutions

Route Scouting
Tailored solutions

Our mission is to solve problems

By a combination of extraordinary deep knowledge of classical synthetic chemistry, unrivalled command of modern synthetic methodologies and a flair for efficient and smart solutions, we rapidly evaluate the hurdles, bottlenecks and opportunities of a known synthetic route and provide many new alternatives to evaluate. We offer:

  • De novo design of synthetic routes to target molecules
  • Trouble-shooting
  • Development of efficient in-process controls
  • Stress test, robustness check
  • Technology transfer package and follow-up

Although we do not perform pure process optimizaiton, we can liaise with partner companies in the field who can then refine and prepare target molecules on scale for pre-clinical/clinical/commercial phase.

Directly from the epicenter of the
Life-Science industry - Basel

One partner, many solutions

Upon implementation in the laboratory, the most promising approaches are evaluated, compared and further elaborated to deliver a new synthetic route meeting the requirements of the project in terms of scalability, cost or intellectual property.

A demo batch is usually peformed on 100g scale to test the robustness of the novel synthesis and provide sufficient quantities of test material to support further evaluation and R&D.

A technology transfer package is prepared and SpiroChem supports the transition to a CMO of choice.

Because your drug discovery project deserves a solution

A team dedicated to your success

Our chemists are recruited and trained to think outside of the box. Their mission is to solve problems and make your project succeed.

  • Typical FTE-project
  • Team : 1-3 chemists
  • Duration : 3-6 months
FTE (Full-Time Equivalent)

Success Story / Route Scouting

Who: Biotech

Where: Confidential

Problem: Advanced candidate containing a bicyclo [1.1.1]pentane motif; Tried for many months to scale-up synthesis of a bicyclo [1.1.1]pentane intermediate (in China) and failed; Timing became critical for customer

Note: SpiroChem is world leader in the chemistry of bicyclo[1.1.1]pentanes

SpiroChem assigned two chemists on FTE-based contract, with technology-access fee to SpiroChem know-how and success fees

Within 4 months:

SpiroChem successfully designed a scalable synthetic route for late-stage introduction of BCP ring

Manufactured 100g+ of advanced material (demo batch) to support downstream process optimization

Happy client is now in the clinic and regularly comes back to SpiroChem for more services and solutions

Market Savings estimated by customer to several millions USD

Who: Clinical-stage biotech (entering phase III)

Where: USA

Problem: API contains a complex spirocycle, current route to spirocyclic motif not scalable (7 steps: cryogenic conditions, toxic reagents, purification problems, flammable reagents, 10-15% overall yield)

SpiroChem assigned one chemist on FTE-based contract: within 6 months:

Route-scouting and identification of 5-transformation sequence

Reduction to a 2-pot process by telescoping steps

55% overall yield on 50g scale

Only one crystallization (intermediate) and one extraction (last step)

Investigation of reaction mechanism and identification of by-products

Development of IPCs

Fine tune conditions: overall yield: 70-80%, demo batch on 500g+

Patent filed

Successful technology transfer to CMO and scale-up to 100kg+


Dr. Peter C. Sennhenn, CEO of transMedChem Consulting

It is with great joy that I am recommending SpiroChem based on the excellent job they did for us; Their high flexibility and reactivity to our fast changing requests was outstanding. Furthermore, SpiroChem's excellent synthetic expertise enabled access to a key API, which we tested and proved to be the basis for the IP of a complete class of substances. Last but not least, I want to emphasize the outstanding communication and the fast delivery of the very detailed and precise final report with all the analytical documentation included.

Route Scouting

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