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If there’s a solution, we will find it

Pushing the boundaries of the accessible chemical space

Whether during hit evolution, hit-to-lead or lead optimization phase, the ability to rapidly and efficiently explore each position on the structure of interest allows for more rapid optimization. We offer :

  • Opening of new exit vectors
  • Removal of synthetic hurdles to make chemistry tractable
  • Late-stage functionalization
  • Unleashed design potential by reducing synthetic challenges
Our core beliefs

Solutions tailored to
your needs

By removing the uncertainty of «will my chemists be able to make this analog» , we unleash the creativity of the computational chemists, designer and project managers. They can now focus on making and testing molecules that are meaningful to advance the project and validate hypotheses, rather than limiting only to molecules that they could make.

The success of your project is our focus

One for all, all for your project.

  • Typical FTE-project
  • Team : 2-5 chemists
  • Duration : 3-12 months

SpiroChem chemists are used to serve as the A-team of chemistry for larger groups of chemists, collaborating directly with our client’s internal teams or their third-party CROs.

FTE (Full-Time Equivalent)

Success Story / MedChem Enabling Platforms

Who: Big Pharma

Where: Europe

Goal: Synthesis of diazaspiro derivatives with novel substitutions and exit vectors (5g scale)

SpiroChem assigned one chemist on FTE-based contract for 6 weeks

Development of a 9 step synthesis

Successful application of flow chemistry (H-cube technology)

Validation of the synthesis at 5g scale

Sustainable route for the preparation of additional diversified analogs

Who: Animal Health Care Company

Where: US

Goal: Design and synthesis of novel 3D spiro scaffolds

SpiroChem assigned one chemist on FTE-based contract for 4 months

Development of a 8 step synthesis

Introduction of diversified protecting groups for highest versatility

Validation of the synthesis at 10g scale

Outcome : US patent application


Dr. Fredrik Cederbaum, head of Fungicide Chemistry at Syngenta Crop Protection AG

SpiroChem is a truly outstanding partner for the synthesis of customized building blocks, combining high technical expertise, creativity and a strong commitment with a very collaborative approach and a focus on delivery. Excellent communication, innovative ideas at the start of the project and proactive problem-solving by the SpiroChem team contribute to the success of projects. I have no hesitation in recommending SpiroChem.


Stephanos Loannidis, Vice President, Head of Chemistry

Our collaboration with SpiroChem has enhanced our ability to investigate novel chemical space. The SpiroChem team and our team have built an outstanding partnership, working closely to resolve tough synthetic issues and quickly explore areas, which - without their expertise - would have been challenging. Their emphasis on communication, rapid delivery with uncompromised quality and troubleshooting solutions makes SpiroChem a highly recommended partner.


Dr. Yves P. Auberson, executive director, Global Discovery Chemistry, Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research and president of EFMC

SpiroChem’s expertise in synthetic chemistry, combined with their sense of urgency, makes them the ideal partner for exploring new chemical space. Our critical collaboration on bicycloalkyl bioisosteres was published on ChemMedChem 2017 12 590. I have to highlight the ease of communication and the proactive role of SpiroChem, which we regularly experienced in our interactions. They are brilliant partners to work with, both for standard synthesis or more demanding customized building blocks and I would recommend their services to any company seeking pragmatic, cutting-edge solutions.


Dr. Olga Dubey, founder of AgriTech start-up AgroSustain

In SpiroChem we found a partner with unparalleled industry knowledge, willing to support start-ups like AgroSustain with cost-effective solutions. With a broad expertise and efficiency, the SpiroTeam took the time to understand the complexities of our business and never failed to answer our requests. Consistently, they delivered against our requirements – namely by synthesizing or upscaling tailor-made products. I recommend SpiroChem for their formidable support and services without hesitation.

MedChem Enabling Platforms

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