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Constrained N-Fmoc amino acids
SpiroKit 8: Constrained N-Fmoc amino acids

Why SpiroKit 8?

Amino acid side chain topography is a crucial structural feature in drug design and constraining the side chain dihedral angles limits conformational flexibility. Constrained N-Fmoc amino acids are therefore of great interest for SAR campaigns of peptidomimetic drugs, design of novel macrocycles and novelty introduction in DEL collections.

SpiroKit 8: Constrained N-Fmoc amino acids

Offered subsets

SpiroKit 8a : Proline-like derivatives

A selection of 10 N-Fmoc protected proline-like derivatives considering various substituents, fused, bridged and spiro rings.

Catalog ID Compounds Amount (each) Price (whole set)
SPK8a 10 100mg CHF 3.500 USD 3.900
250mg CHF 6.500 USD 7.250
500mg CHF 11.000 USD 12.300

A selection of 4 N-Fmoc α-amino acids with a constrained side chain.

Catalog ID Compounds Amount (each) Price (whole set)
SPK8b 4 100mg CHF 1.400 USD 1.560
250mg CHF 2.600 USD 2.900
500mg CHF 4.400 USD 4.920

A selection of 6 constrained amino acids with diversified cyclic side chain.

Catalog ID Compounds Amount (each) Price (whole set)
SPK8c 6 100mg CHF 2.700 USD 3.000
250mg CHF 4.800 USD 5.400
500mg CHF 7.500 USD 9.000

An exclusive selection of 6 constrained N-Fmoc amino acid derivatives offered only in limited quantity.

Catalog ID Compounds Amount (each) Price (whole set)
SPK8d 6 100mg CHF 4.680 USD 5.250
SpiroKit 8: Constrained N-Fmoc amino acids

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For additional information regarding the SpiroKits, don't hesitate to reach out to Laurence Jung, PhD: laurence.jung@spirochem.com


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