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Chemical Solutions

Chemical Solutions
It's all about passion

We love to solve problems.

Remember that most of all, we are passionate chemists. Our team is composed of chemists from different horizons of chemistry, from natural product synthesis to methodology, and from chemical biology to catalysis. But what they have in common is a common passion for solving problems. This broad scope of expertise allows us to find answers to questions we are asking ourselves on every project you could think of.

In order to find solutions even outside of our wide knowledge base, we are exchanging with talented professors and scientists around the world. In many cases, solutions to a specific problem already exist, but nobody is connecting the dots. We do. Our interactions with both academic and industrial worlds is bridging the innovation gap. Furthermore, we work for many customers across the life science sector, in many countries. As you can imagine, we have seen many problems, some of them are recurring. Therefore we are sometimes faster at solving problems, because even if they are not exactly the same, the solutions may apply.

Crafting for the world

Our core beliefs.

Finally, at SpiroChem, we believe that in order to be a good medicinal chemist, you need, above all to be a good chemist, or at the very least have excellent chemists around. Because the success of your project should not rely on the molecules you CAN make, but on the molecules you SHOULD make. This is what SpiroChem offers: we unleash your creativity by expanding the chemical space. We will assist you all the way to make sure that your projects are successful. Rest assured that your projects are in good hands with us.

If there is a solution, we will find it.


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