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SpiroChem @ the ACS 2017.
Mar 14 2017


SpiroChem @ the ACS 2017.

Meet SpiroChem during the 253rd ACS 2017 in San Francisco, California on April 2-4, 2017.

Our SpiroChem team will be part of the 253rd American Chemical Society, National Meeting & Exposition and will be exhibiting in San Francisco, California on April 2-4, 2017.

Exhibiting at the ACS 2017 this Spring will be another opportunity for us to interact with thousands of inspiring scientists and enthusiastic students who share our passion for chemistry.

We will be available on the exhibition floor to answer your questions about our products and services. Let's talk about chemistry and see how we can help you face the challenges in your projects.

At SpiroChem it is all about chemists interacting with fellow chemists!

SpiroChem AG: Tailor-made molecules to design the drugs of tomorrow.

253rd ACS 2017, National Meeting & Exposition

ACS 2017 - The world’s largest scientific society, organizes 2 national expositions, each year, in addition to their national meetings, each attracting over 14,000 chemical engineers, chemists, academicians, students and other professionals from the chemical industry to learn more about the cutting-edge technologies in the chemical field. The Exposition is the hot spot to explore services and products from world-known companies from around the globe but also to investigate new trends, techniques and technologies such as laboratory equipment, hardware, software, publications, etc. The ACS National Meetings are where professionals from the field of chemistry meet to share ideas and advance scientific and technical knowledge.

What ACS wrote about SpiroChem

SpiroChem AG is a Swiss CRO specialized in the design, synthesis and production of novel building blocks for use in drug discovery. With its unique repertoire of molecular fragments along with cutting-edge know-how in drug design & process chemistry, SpiroChem is the ideal collaboration partner for life science companies (Custom Synthesis & FTE services).

SpiroChem expertise:

  • Bio-isosteric switch strategies
  • Conformational restriction and strained fragments and scaffolds
  • Chemical Diversity
  • Challenging chemistry
  • Problems solver: Ideal Partner for Sensitive/high-value projects
  • Pro-active: We set the trends
  • Small rings | Spirocycles | Bicyclo[x.y.z]alkanes | Peptidomimetics | Natural Products

Product Categories:

  • Organic Chemistry
  • Custom Synthesis Services
  • Contract Research & Development Services
  • Fine Chemicals
  • Method Development & Optimization
  • Pharmaceutical Intermediates & Building Blocks
  • Photochemicals
  • Process Research Services
  • Scale-up Optimization
  • Scale-up Synthesis

And much more!

If you are looking for expertise in isosteric replacement or in any of these chemical series, you are at the right place! SpiroChem is not only a catalog company, nor just a CRO. SpiroChem is your R&D partner to ACCELERATE YOUR INNOVATION!

Additional Services:

Additionally to the set of services SpiroChem already offer (from catalog products to custom synthesis services, feasibility studies and FTEs), we provide our clients with personalized services such as:

  • supporting lead optimization programs to improve ADME properties of drug candidates
  • entering into new chemical space, expanding your IP-portfolio and strengthening your IP protection

Join us in San Francisco, California on April 2-4, 2017 for the 253rd American Chemical Society National Meeting & Exposition at the Moscone Center! Arrange a Meeting with us NOW!

Dates: April 2-4, 2017 Venue: Moscone Center - San Francisco, CA

Visit us on Booth #421 and arrange a meeting with us. We look forward to meeting you!

Contact: Dr. Thomas Fessard
E-mail: thomas.fessard@spirochem.com


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